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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 5, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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right now at 11:00, spring is really taking a break. we've got a freeze warning in effect tonight and check out these early morning wind chill temperatures. i'll have your forecast. >> plus new details emerge from yesterday's deadly amtrak accident outside of philadelphia. tonight questions about whether the crew should have even be on the tracks. >> the new high speed delivery service is raising eyebrows and cashing in on the city's legal loophole. right now at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. the temperatures are taking a dramatic plunge overnight. in the morning we'll be dealing with wind chills in the teens. >> let's get right to sue palka with the latest on the frigid forecast. hey there, sue. >> hi
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nobody wants to hear about it. good thing the cherry blossoms have come and gone, because this would probably put a cramp in their style as well. the high temperatures that we had today in the low 70s, we're talking about some places plunging to the low 20s tonight. in the blue, this is a freeze warning overnight and that does include the district, it includes prince george's county, anne arundel and many points to the north and west and that means temperatures could drop between 28 and 32 in those areas. you need to do what you have to do to protect any early plantings or bring anything that you're able to transport and now we begin to see the 30s show up on the map. the significant
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temperatures head down to 32 in the district and 29 in some the northern and western suburbs. you might want to shield your eyes if you don't like wind chill temperatures, in the teens. by noon hour, 20s to lower 30s. find that heavy winter coat, you're going to need it. we've got a home opener this week. i'll have that forecast a bit later. >> now we turn to the district and a fox 5 exclusive. a gang of illegal bikers were spotted this weekend in the shaw neighborhood bolding driving right past a dc police cruiser. marina marraco talked to a restaurant owner who is fed up and she is live in shaw with more. >> reporter: on any given day dozens of these bikers head out to the streets on illegal bikes. dc police saying just last year they only had 77 arrests made in co
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out on the streets and they say as the weather starts to warm up, you can expect to see scenes like this even more out on these streets. it's cell phone video shot by a diner having dinner in shaw. it shows nearly 50 bikes, including atvs cruising down the streets of dc sunday evening. this restaurant owner is fed up. he says not only is the roar of the illegal bikes a nuisance, he's worried someone is bound to get hurt. >> when i can hear it, dirt bikes, i most of the time go outside and watch over the patio a little bit. if somebody wants to walk out i can stop it. >> reporter: although he tries to protect his customers, he wonders why police won't do more. in the 55 seconds of
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bikes drive past an mpd cruiser. bikers who also seem to be reporting their antics, pop wheelies, jump the curb and ride on both sides of the road. chief lanier has been clear, there is a no-chase policy in the district. >> i red light, green light, doesn't matter. somebody blocks the intersection. >> dc police has implemented a rewards program that would give anyone who submits a name or a video that would lead to the confis kation
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marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> one week after the med star health system was compromised by online hackers, there's word of a dangerous phishing scam. you need to click on a link to see your violation. well of course the link is not legit and it actually exposes your computer to harmful malware. >> the montgomery county police department does not issue citations via e-mail. it's only done through postal mail. if you do receive any correspondence from the montgomery county police department or someone stating they represent the police department, you can always call us. >> remember play it safe and never click on links or e-mails that you don't recognize. >> there was a massive emergency response n. downtown dc today. a transformer in the basement of
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it knocked out power in the irs building and the justice department. fortunately no one was hurt. repair work is under way. heads up the irs building will be closed to employees tomorrow. high winds triggered power outages across the region this weekend. the dc 911 call center was directly impacted. after the call center lost power saturday night dispatchers were moved to a backup location. the outage did not affect any emergency 911 calls but 311 calls were down for several hours. crews moved back into their regular building yesterday. >> we've learned some new information in a deadly amtrak derailment. today the ntsb confirmed the train was going 106 miles per hour when it struck a backhoe that was sitting on the tracks in chester, pennsylvania. that's not too fast. it was in a zone where it could travel up to 110 miles per hour. the backhoe operator and the track supervisor were killed in that accident. more than 30 passengers on the train were
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the injuries they found once they boarded the train and tended to the passengers. >> when the initial accident occurred, my men entered the train to try yaj the most injured. most were able to be put into the gurny or carried out. so there weren't any major injuries, as far as we could tell. >> right now it's still unclear if the work crew was authorized to be on the track at the time of the accident. in prince george's county, martini's restaurant and lounge in fort washington has been closed. police say it began as a dance floor scuffle between two people. security guards tried to break up the fight. he's charged with first degree assault. today the knife that was allegedly used in the stabbing was found
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nearby car. >> a four-year-old girl is in a body cast after being hit by a bicyclist that just kept going. the incident happened last week on the lake elkhorn trail. they stepped to one side of the trail and the bike hit the little girl. she suffered a probingen femur and is scheduled to be in this cast for six weeks. >> a bike ran over me. >> it hurted so much. >> the cyclist was reportedly riding a red and white road back. if you know anything please call police. montgomery county police are trying to solve a case
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identity theft. in january a person's personal information was stolen. $17,000 worth of items were purchased from home depot and lowe's home improvement. if you recognize any of them call montgomery county police. crime stoppers is offering a reward for a conviction in this case. >> still ahead tonight, the push to raise the district's minimum wage to $15 an hour picked up some steam today. we'll tell you what's next for the plan. >> yes. plus fresh pressed juice with a side of pot. a new delivery service that's raising eyebrows in our area. >> one major city's tiny home solution for its growing homeme
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welcome back. the future of rfk stadium is once again a hot topic in the district. >> some proposals are for an nfl stadium, some are for a 20,000 seat arena, an amphitheater or open recreational spaces. shopping and dining options are also on the table. events dc says it is their goal to make sure the project speaks to a greater international audience and the local dc community. >> we're excited to get something done in the next two to five years around sports, family entertainment, a cultural youth, greensce
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soccer field and a market so people east of the river could actually come and shop for fresh produce. >> the chairman says they've met with the community three times for their input and they will circle back around to the community in three months to talk about the presentations and the financial challenges. >> the minimum rage could be going up in the district. today a judge ruled that the board of elections can move forward with its minimum wage initiative. >> the proposal is to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in the next four years. 22 signatures are needed to get the measurements on the ballot. we should tell you that mayor muriel bowser is in support of raising the minimum wage. all right. there is a new type of delivery service in the dc area. some people will love it, others will say it reeks. >> reporter: here's what it's called. the ceo says he's not
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skirt the marijuana laws. he says it's just the opposite. he's consulted with several lawyers to try to figure out a legal way to operate within it. it's a juice delivery start-up and through his website you have a choice of several different cold-pressed juices, even rose water. there are different price points to make your donations. according to ceo david umeh, he's been making deliveries to both homes and workplaces. >> my goal is to figure out how to do it creatively within the law to make an impact. i feel like they put in this gray framework to see
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facilitate that space and not be a harm or threat to society. that's where we want to hone in on. >> so far his business is growing through word of mouth and talk online. there was an article today and he said after that appeared his stock completely emptied out. he has to replenish. these are the juices and the bags that the gift comes in. >> you talk about the different price points. so if you're making a larger donation, do you get a larger amount of your gift of marijuana? >> really it's up to him and that's a good question. he said it tends to be about an eighth of an ounce. it really is up to the company's discretion. >> i'm very ignorant about this, an eighth of an ounce is not a lot. >> he says it needs to be under 2 ounces to be within the constraints of the law so they're trying to stay well
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under that. he really says he's not trying to get in trouble here. he think there's an entrepreneurial opportunity and he's trying to figure out how to make it happen. >> all right. thank you. >> let's find out what's happening in the world of weather now. we know it's going to get really, really cold overnight. >> that's our big headline. that is for sure. as we get ready to see a little bit of a reversal of seasons here. the first half of april we believe is going to be on the cool side nd we're going to get a big taste of that. big significant drops in the next few hours. we already saw between 10:00 and 11:00 where reagan national went down in one hour. the frontal boundary has come sthru that brought us some rain earlier today. even saw some lightning. but the snow has been confined to our north where that cold air is blowing across the lakes. for uit's going to be dry but th
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wind will be noticeable. tomorrow morning at the bus stop, thinking about the kids, air temperatures 25 to 35. wind chill temperatures in the teens tomorrow morning. after school temperatures between 44 and 50. the wind chill in the 30s. so definitely make sure the kids don't leave without the heavy coat tomorrow and maybe even some gloves. our high temperature should be around 48 degrees and we'll take a little bit of the edge off that cold on wednesday by getting up to 58 and i think we'll be able to ditch the wind and the big wind chills as well but both of those days are below normal for this time of year. we're also starting to see the winds pick up around the region. gusts to 20, 25 will be common overnight. no repeat of those big saturday night gusts over 50. that's not going to happen tonight over tomorrow but a 25 or 30 mile an hour wind gusts will be noticeable. dc has dropped to 45 at 11:00. 28
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binghamton, new york city down to 32 and it definitely feels like a spring setback. sunrise tomorrow will look beautiful but feel chilly. our temperature tomorrow morning 32. here is our wind maker, that will funnel in the strong winds during the day tomorrow. as those winds start to get lighter and into wednesday, that will help temperatures to recover just a bit. even so tomorrow night, we are under another freeze watch. we'll have a warning tonight and a watch tomorrow and that will likely get upgraded to a freeze warning tomorrow. we'll keep it dry as high pressure builds in on wednesday. it will be on the cool side but at least it will feel just a little bit better. tomorrow we're only talking about upper 40s to low 50s. home opener is thursday, we're
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rain. it's going to be a real close call to see if we can get it over with before the game starts. there may be a delay. friday is on the chilly side with some rain showers or maybe some flakes and a temperature of 54 degrees and a real cold day on saturday at 48 degrees. it doesn't quite feel like basketball weather but this happens a lot in april, as brody logan can tell us right now. >> you're letting me down with the rain on opening day. >> i know. i'm sorry. >> normally opening day is a day of excitement for basketball fans but i'm going to start on a bit of a dour note. it's going to be bad for nationals and orioles if you love the deserts. the nats ditched the chocolate syrup and the o's will no longer celebrate with pies to the
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they got bailed out there. i mean, that should have been the game pretty much. comes through again, slices one to the opposite field, in comes ryan zimmerman. nats win 4-3 in 10 innings. so what did the skipper think of the gutsy call to send werth with the game on the line. >> some point in time especially on the road you've got to take a chance. sometimes you're going get caught. time on to celebrate. sixth straight oni
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victories. some sort of cake or chee tow thing i don't know what that orange stuff is. but the pies are back. thank goodness. today the basketball hall of fame announced their 2016 inductions. allen iverson enters the hall. >> put you in positions typically. >> he was not just an icon on the court but off the court. his shoes, his
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>> there's a big effort under way to help seattle's homeless population. a group is lending their time. >> the city is helping fund this effort along with non-profit organizations. we have some exciting news to share about our fox 5 partnership with autism speaks. >> every night last week we shared different stories of families who are living with autism. it led up to a telethon. we are excited to announce that thanks to your generosity we raised 10,000 $500. autism speaks will use that money to fund research, families and programs living with autism. you can find a donation link on the fox 5 dc hope page. you can text the word autism to the number 25383 right now to make a $10 donation. we want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. thk
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for everything we did to help. >> several weeks ago we took you to a backyard with two bald eagles. he said an egg in the nest has hatched. he is reaching out to the national he'sle foundation to let themnow about the eaglet. >> thank you for joining us
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